Recently some HMB residents approached us with concerns about vehicles not obeying stop signs on Cambrian, specifically at the Grand Canal intersection. This 4-way stop was added about a year ago, and still seems to be catching some motorists off-guard when entering the community from the west, on Cambrian.

I contacted the City of Ottawa on behalf of the Community Association and HMB residents, and have received the following response:

Traffic Investigations and Survey’s has completed a review of this location and will be taking the following actions:

  • Repaint all cross-walks and “Stop bars”
  • Installation of “Stop Ahead” warning sign facing eastbound traffic approximately 140 metres west of the intersection.
  • Request OC Transpo “Flag” repositioning

Our investigation did note that there was a OC Transpo Bus stop sign in very close proximity to the stop sign and we will discuss with OC Transpo representatives to request that they reposition it. The visibility of the stop sign is not impacted to a point where this could be considered a strong contributory factor to non-compliance. We would suggest that non-compliance of this sign should be considered a driver behaviour issue and as such we recommend contacting the Ottawa Police Service to request enforcement by calling 613-236-1222 ext 7300. A work order has been issued to facilitate the above work, a reasonable expectation for completion of said work would be 3-4 weeks from today’s date.

Please direct all questions regarding this issue to:
Traffic Inquiry Management Desk
P: 613-580-2424 x.27777

If you have a safety or security concern in HMB, please contact