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Skating rinks closed for the season

With the warm weather upon us (more or less, but hopefully more) the Half Moon Bay skating season has come to a close for another year. Luckily we were able to enjoy a longer season than past years.

We sincerely thank our rink contractors Sergio Carraro and Mike Trancoso for their hard work at the River Run Park and Freshwater Parkette rinks. While the Freshwater rink had a few setbacks at the start, those infrastructure issues have been solved by the city, and hopefully we will be able to get a full season in next year to complement the River Run rink.

Happy Spring!

Parks Update: Outdoor skating rink maintenance jobs available

Winter seems to have arrived. The children will soon want to be skating on our community rinks. The HMBCA has received notice from the City of Ottawa that we will be able to have financial support to pay someone who would like to maintain our rinks. We have already secured someone to maintain the large rink at the River Run Park. Two other areas are Freshwater Parkette and Half Moon Bay Park that can have puddle rinks built on them if we can find someone who is interested in flooding and clearing off the snow.

Tucana Park and Regatta parkettes will be able to have puddle rinks for 2013-2014 season. They need to have grass growing in the area of the puddle rink before the rinks are approved.

If you are interested in more information about these two jobs please email me at

Park News July 3, 2012

With the warm weather here we are all looking forward to the development of the new parks slated for Half Moon Bay.

Half Moon Bay Park

Construction of the Half Moon Bay Park is underway. Bulldozers are making way for the splash pad, play area, gazebo, and puddle rink on the West side of the park. The soccer pitch will be located in the centre of the park (ready next year) and the toboggan hill will be located on the South East corner of the park near Cambrian and Greenbank. Don Maynard is the winning artist in the Half Moon Bay Park public art competition. Maynard’s sculpture titled Falling Star, will reside at the top of the park’s toboggan hill.

Jan Harder has notified the community that the contractor working on the much anticipated Half Moon Bay Park has notified the community that building the tennis courts this year would be approximately $50,000 less than if we wait until 2016 or 2017 when Greenbank Roadis re-aligned with the new bridge. This means that in addition to portions of the park being ready by August the tennis courts will be ready by September (weather permitting). Grass will be planted in the spring of 2013.

Jan Harder’s staff will be in touch with residents concerned about parking on Grand Vista in particular to set up a meeting with traffic staff.

Tucana Park

The development plans for Tucana Park to be located on Tucana  Way are delayed until early August.  The expected completion date is still late September, weather permitting. This park will have a preschool and school age play areas and gazebo on the West section of the park and space for a puddle rink in the centre. Trees and shrubs will be planted throughout the park and grass will be planted next year.

Half Moon Bay Park area along the Jock River East of Greenbank

This is a flood plain and as such will be allowed to remain in its natural state. Following the closing of Greenbank in 2016.Half Moon Bay Drive will be extended west along the river and this property between Half Moon Bay Drive and the Jock River will also be natural parkland. An access point for a parking area and canoe launch will be located approximately where the present Greenbank  Road meets the river.

Freshwater Parkette

A new parkette on Freshwater Way is under development now. This park is paid for by the developer and will have a puddle rink in the winter.

River Run Park Rink

It is sad to say that River Run Park Rink is Closed For The Season due to mild weather for this time of year.  Normal operations for this rink are from end of December to end of February.  Due to mild temperatures we will not be able to get the rink operational again this year.
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Winter Blast Photo Albums

Winter Blast 2012 was held last Saturday morning at the River Run Park Rink.

Ice conditions were not optimal but fun was had by all that attended as can be seen in the online photo gallery.

Take a look at the fun...
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