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Meet the Candidates

Meet the Candidates: Jan Harder – Ward 3 City Councillor

Dear Neighbours,
In 2006 when we were planning your community I knew it would be special. In fact we passed the Barrhaven South Community Design Plan with all the components. Here are a few items we've worked on over the years:

  • New Minto Recreation Complex opening November 29 – it’s amazing!
  • Beautiful Half Moon Bay Park
  • Finally Regatta paving
  • River Run exit to Greenbank
  • Crossing guard for St Cecilia School
  • Advanced Jockvale widening with 2 bridges and roundabout plus Jockvale east in phase 1
  • Greenbank realignment phase 1
  • More retail
  • Zoned Business park for 7,000 high end jobs/more people will love to live in Barrhaven
  • Connecting pathways and cycling lanes
  • No expansion to Trail Road landfill
  • Working on Barnsdale interchange

I work hard for you everyday, I’d be honoured to have your support on Oct 27 to continue building a great Half Moon Bay and Barrhaven!

Let's chat:

Meet the Candidates: Syed Asghar Hussain – Ward 3 City Councillor

My name is Syed Asghar Hussain and I am running for City Councillor for Ward 3 – Barrhaven. My main objective for this campaign is to bring the concerns of the community to the attention of the city for action. Some of the issues that are currently facing the ward are: the railway crossing, traffic build-up on Fallowfield Road and Greenbank Road and the issue of bi-weekly garbage collection. The building of an overpass at the railway crossings will benefit the community by preventing future accidents and bringing peace of mind to the residents of Barrhaven. The extension of the two above mentioned roads will assist in a smooth commute during rush hour. Through my campaign I would also like to address the issue of high property taxes and propose the incineration of waste into energy which in turn will be provided back to the city grid to safeguard the environment.

Thank you,
Syed Asghar Hussain
For Councillor
Ward 3 - Barrhaven

Meet the Candidates: Ian Bursey – Ward 3 City Councillor

Dear Members,

I am grateful and proud to be representing the residents of Half Moon Bay in the 2014 Ottawa Municipal Election. Half Moon Bay is one of Barrhaven's Historic areas as many soldiers travelled through that very stretch of land along the Jock River to find their way to the St. Laurence during the 1800's. This area is also known as a Native Canadian trading route. I would like to take this opportunity to assure each and every member of the HMBCA, that if elected to City Council, I will do my best to make you proud, and ensure that your community's quality of life remains second to none. This is my promise to each of you.

Kind Regards, Ian G.Bursey
Candidate. Ward 3 Barrhaven

Meet the Candidates: Greg Deernsted – OCSB Zone 4 Trustee

The OCSB has done a great job at advancing innovative solutions to support student success and safety. As your trustee, I will build upon this success by focusing on three goals:

Create a Plan to Manage Community Growth

  • Pro-actively develop solutions to the resource challenges posed by the growth in our community.
  • Contribute my expertise to initiatives that reduce operating costs and protect our environment for future generations.

Support Success for All Students

  • Champion each student’s right to the resources they need to achieve their full potential.
  • Help to ensure that we support the physical, mental, and emotional health of our students.

Represent the Voice of Our Community

  • Provide a forum to discuss your opinions and concerns about the direction of our school board.
  • Ensure that OCSB decisions and results are transparent to the community.

To learn more, please visit my website at:

Thank you
Greg Deernsted

Meet the Candidates: Spencer Warren – OCSB Zone 4 Trustee

SPENCER WARREN is your candidate for Trustee, Ottawa Catholic School Board, Barrhaven, Gloucester and South Nepean.

Spencer is a leader in community fundraising and charity. Spencer created the annual CHEO Golf Tournament, Barrhaven Family Fun Day BBQ, and the Ottawa Children’s Gala, raising over $200,000 for charities towards Childhood Preventable Injuries. Spencer has been recognized with the United Way Community Builders Award and the Living our Values Award – Community, from Hydro Ottawa. He has been on the Board of Directors of the Stonebridge Community Association since 2011, he is the 2014 Chair of Hydro Ottawa’s United Way Campaign, and is the Founder and Chair of Kids Play Safe.

Spencer intends to bring the same passion and commitment he has given through his community efforts to the role of Trustee for the Ottawa Catholic School Board, Barrhaven, Gloucester and South Nepean. On October 27, help improve your community by voting for Spencer. Follow Spencer on Twitter @charityforCHEO and on Facebook.