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Half Moon Bay Road

Update: Extension of Half Moon Bay Road to Greenbank Road

An update from Jan Harder.

Here is a brief construction update on the extension of Half Moon Bay Road to Greenbank Road:

  1. The underground works have been completed.
  2. City staff expect the asphalt to be placed by the end of next week (Oct 26th), pending weather.
  3. The City is responsible for the asphalt line painting and traffic control signs.  The appropriate City Department is aware of this project and have estimated that this work can occur within 4 weeks after asphalt (by Nov 23rd).
  4. There are a few street lights that need to be installed.  The design has been approved by the City and it's expected the formal approval letter to allow the installation from the City next week.
  5. It's anticipated the street lights will be installed by November 23rd.
  6. Once the street lights are installed it typically takes Hydro Ottawa two-weeks to activate them.
  7. It is staff's opinion that the city does not open the road until the street lights have been activated and the traffic control signs and painting are in place for safety.
  8. Based on the above schedule it's anticipated the road will be complete to be opened by December 7th.
  9. The City's Street Light Department and Hydro Ottawa will be engaged to see if the Street Light activation can be advanced further.

Half Moon Bay Road @ Greenbank Road – update

The construction on Half Moon Bay Road to open it up to Greenbank Rd has commenced today.

In all likelihood the construction will be complete up to the base asphalt by mid November at which time it will be open to traffic.

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Half Moon Bay road construction update

As earlier posted, the job has been contracted out and The contractor, Taggart Construction, has been waiting for special deep construction custom pipe connections that are required for the job.

As there is no way to know exactly how long that would take they gave tentative dates last month.  It looks like they are ready to start construction during the week of September 24th.

Paving of the road will be completed this fall.

Half Moon Bay road construction update

Update from Mattamy Homes

In regards to the construction and opening of Half Moon Bay road I can provide the following update:
City approval was received on August 22, 2012.

  1. Mattamy has contract Taggart Construction.
  2. Taggart Constructions anticipated construction timing is:
  • Start week of September 10th or 17th. Due to the deep construction custom pipe connections are required. The ordering and manufacturing of these custom connections has dictated the construction start date.
  • Completion to base asphalt – 4-5 weeks from delivery of custom fittings.

At the onset of this project we had all hoped that the work would be completed during the summer, however the road will be completed and opened this Fall.

Please feel free to forward this e-mail to the Home Owners who have been asking for updates.

Thank you,

Ian G MacPherson, P. Eng.
Project Manager, Land Development