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Donna Blackburn

Half Moon Bay Public Elementary School Notice of Public Consultation Meeting

OCDSBLogoGrade, Program and Attendance Boundary for New Half Moon Bay Elementary School

Over the past few months a locally-formed working group, including a representative from the Half Moon Bay Community Association, has been meeting to discuss potential accommodation proposals associated with the September 2016 opening of a new elementary school in the Half Moon Bay area of South Nepean (3525 River Run Avenue).

A Public Consultation Meeting will be held to seek feedback on a proposed plan. Input will assist staff in developing their recommendations to the Board on:

  • the grade structure, program offering and attendance boundary for the new school;
  • the potential expansion of grade structures at Barrhaven Public School, Chapman Mills Public School, Jockvale Elementary School, and Mary Honeywell Elementary School to Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6;
  • the potential change to a 7 to 8 only grade structure at Cedarview Middle School;
  • potential attendance boundary revisions to help alleviate accommodation pressures at Mary Honeywell Elementary School; and
  • the potential introduction of a second Middle French Immersion (MFI) program in South Nepean.

Please plan to attend this important meeting:

Thursday October 29, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.
Chapman Mills Public School, Gymnasium
260 Leamington Way

At the meeting there will be a brief presentation by Board staff, followed by a Q&A session. Staff will be available to answer questions on an individual basis following the meeting. An information package providing details of the study and the proposals will be available at the meeting.

Read additional information about the new HMB school on the OCDSB website.

Join the HMBCA at City Councillor Jan Harder’s Spring Open House tonight!

Once again City Councillor Jan Harder is holding her Spring Open House tonight in the Upper Concourse of the Walter Baker Centre from 5pm to 7:30pm. The HMBCA will have a table set up, come say hi!

Representatives from many city departments will be on hand to chat or hear your concerns, as well as the Ottawa Carleton Disctrict School Board and Trustee Donna Blackburn who will be showing off the design of the new Half Moon Bay Public School slated to open in Fall 2016.

See you there!

Meet the Candidates: Donna Blackburn – OCDSB Zone 3 Trustee

It is a great honour for me to represent the residents of Half Moon Bay on the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board as your Trustee.

I am very proud of the fact that I have delivered for you on many occasions.

Prior to my election to the Board, secondary students for your community were bussed out of Barrhaven to attend school. I changed that through a motion I crafted and ended up having to pass twice. In addition those students who choose to attend John McCrae Secondary School are now bussed at the expense of the District. I have spoken to many parents who have personally thanked me as they are now saving a significant amount of money not paying for transportation for their kids to get to school.

In September of 2016 a new elementary school will be built in your community that will house 600 students. I fought very hard on many fronts to ensure that this school was listed as the OCDSB's top priority on the capital priorities list that was submitted to the Ministry of Education.

I have appreciated all the support I have received from your community and I look forward to serving you for many years to come and together we will continue to improve the lives of kids and families in Half Moon Bay.

Trustee Donna Blackburn

Half Moon Bay Public Elementary School has been approved!

We are happy to announce that the new Half Moon Bay Public Elementary School has been approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education!

The announcement was made today by Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandals at a press conference at Broadview Public School.

Last Fall representatives from HMBCA joined our area's OCDSB Trustee Donna Blackburn to fight to have a new Half Moon Bay school placed as the number one capital priority for the 2014-2015 list. We were successful, and we sincerely thank Donna for her hard work!

The school will be located in the Northwestern part of Half Moon Bay, near the intersection of River Run & Grand Canal.

We will post further updates as more information becomes available.

The New HMB Public Elementary School is Now Priority #1 on the OCDSB Capital Priorities List

We are happy to announce that last night our area's School Trustee Donna Blackburn passed a successful motion which has resulted in the proposed new Half Moon Bay Public Elementary School being moved to #1 on the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board's Capital Priorities List!

What does this mean?

The OCDSB will be submitting this list of top 8 Capital Priorities for 2014-2015 to the Ontario Ministry of Education by October 31. This list identifies the projects that OCDSB is requesting capital funding for. While funding is never guaranteed, with a new HMB school being priority #1, the odds are in our favour. The Ministry's decisions on funding should be announced in Spring 2014. Should the new HMB school receive funding, it could open as early as September 2015. How the Ministry decides which items on the priority list are given funding is publicly unknown, but we believe that they do respect the Board's decision when requesting funding.

The list

Based on last night's vote, the Board's recommended Capital Priorities List is now as follows:

  1. New Half Moon Bay ES
  2. Broadview Avenue PS (rebuild)
  3. West Carleton SS (addition)
  4. New Stittsville SS
  5. A.Y. Jackson SS (addition)
  6. Viscount Alexander PS (addition)
  7. New Avalon II ES
  8. New Findlay Creek ES

Why is the school needed?

The Half Moon Bay community is growing rapidly. By 2016 there will be a total of 6862 homes in our community, with more subdivisions planned for other areas surrounding HMB. Children in HMB who are in the English Public Elementary system are currently being bused outside our community, which is not ideal. This impacts schools such as Barrhaven Public School, Jockvale Public School, and Cedarview Middle School which are all dealing with overcrowding and placement of portables. The overcrowding has resulted in temporary revisions to grade structures and is no doubt delaying the implementation of Full Day Kindergarten at these schools. An English Public Elementary School in Half Moon Bay would mean that our children will be able to stay and learn in our community and release the overcrowding pressure felt throughout Barrhaven schools. Children thrive through educational programs when their travel to school is reduced, parent engagement as volunteers and enrolment in after-school programs increases when community schools are available.

Thank you!

The HMBCA would like to thank our members for their support, Trustee Donna Blackburn for her hard work, and other Trustees who voted for this, for understanding how important this school will be for the Half Moon Bay community, and for Barrhaven as a whole, which is why it deserves to be priority #1 for funding.

HMBCA Media Contact:
Ryan Knuth
Director of Public Relations