The HMBCA is celebrating Halloween!

When: Saturday, October 31, 2020
Where: Half Moon Bay Community

There are some FANGtasticly decorated homes in our community! In order to celebrate their creativity and facilitate a safe Halloween activity, HMBCA has created this platform to plot these homes.

Map out your day with our interactive Halloween Map:

See which houses to visit!

531 Alcor Terrace: Scary! Best viewed at night but plenty to see during the day!

100 Damselfly Way: Will have Covid safe treat bags available on Halloween.

420 White Arctic Avenue: I  think it's best to see at night time when all my lights are on but you can come look during the day. No jump scares, full-on cemetery in the front yard, I don't think it's scary but guess it depends on your children.

2606 Watermusic Bay

167 Andre Audet Avenue

91 Damselfly Way: Better viewing in the day, fun for all ages.

703 Egret Way: Witches and inflatables.

753 Cape Jack Walk: Better viewing when dark but also good in the light.

102 Forest Water Way: We have 4 jack-o-lanterns and will be giving out candy and chips!

91 Switch Grass: Little bit of scary but a lot for kids to. Including giant minion and lots of lights.

2200 Watercolours Way: We have many sensor activated decorations that light up including an 8 foot tall headless horseman. Ideal for all ages and although viewing is best at night there is still lots to see during the day so come check us out! :)

762 Mayfly Crescent

3231 River Rock Avenue

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