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Safety & Security

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If we can have 50% of our community registered and participating, we will get Neighbourhood Watch signage like other Neighbourhood Watch communities. This is important to remind us as members to keep vigilant and also as a deterrent to would be criminals entering our neighbourhood.

Our crime rate in HMB is low now because we are a new community, but as we mature that will increase unless we are watchful.

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Membership Goal

Goal: 600 Homes
Current: 111 Homes


Kappa Sigma Fraternity Returns for Halloween

Last year the Fraternity members of Kappa Sigma (of Carleton University) came to Half Moon Bay to provide some added safety and security for our children while out Trick or Treating.  It was a peaceful evening and we were grateful to have them.

Our community has grown, but so has the Kappa Sigma and they'll be bringing more help than last year.

The Kappa Sigma Fraternity will be returning this Halloween to do the same again for our children.  They will patrol our streets in pairs or small numbers, most of them will likely sport the Kappa Sigma hoodie/sweatshirt shown here.

Please be appreciative towards them for their help and support to our community.