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Safety & Security

Post about safety in the home and community.

Cambrian Rd. & Kilbirnie Dr. Safety Concern Update

Recently a member of HMBCA had raised some safety concerns about the intersection of Cambrian Rd. & Kilbirnie Dr., and Kilbirnie Dr. itself. Requested were oversized stop signs, pavement markings, a reduced speed limit, and "Children at Play" signs. The City of Ottawa has provided responses to the concerns below. If you have questions about this, or other safety concerns in the community, please contact HMBCA's Director of Safety and Security Danny Shoeman at

Speed Limit

Kilbirnie Road is designated as a collector roadways as per the City of Ottawa Transportation Master Plan. The roadway has an unposted speed limit of 50km/h. A recent speed survey on Kilbirnie Road determined the average and 85th percentile vehicle travelling speeds on Kilbirnie Road. The 85th percentile speed is the speed at which eighty-five percent of vehicles are travelling at or below. The survey revealed an average and 85th percentile travelling speed of 49 km/h and 56 km/h, respectively. The speed data indicates that an unposted speed limit of 50km/h is appropriate for Kilbirnie Drive. However, we have requested that a ‘Speed Display Board’ be deployed on Kilbirnie Drive, facing southbound traffic. Speed Display Boards have proven an effective tool to reduce vehicle speeds and help remind motorists to drive in a respectful manner on City roads.


We found standard sized stop signs at each corner of the intersection. Our investigation determined that the installation of oversize stop signs is appropriate at this location. Our existing practice for the use of ‘oversize’ stop signs uses the Ontario Traffic Manual (OTM) guidelines. As such, we have issued a work order for their installation of the oversized signs at the intersection of Cambrian Road and Kilbirnie Road.

We also investigated the request for ‘children at play’ signs on Kilbirnie Drive. The City does not have ‘children at play’ signs in its sign inventory. As such, we have reviewed the locations of the ‘playground ahead’ signs on Kilbirnie Drive. Our current practice for the installation of the ‘playground ahead’ sign is done in accordance with the Ontario Traffic Manual (OTM). The OTM is used by traffic practitioners to promote uniformity of treatment in the design, application and operation of traffic control devices and systems. The purpose of the ‘playground ahead’ sign is to provide advanced warning of a locally designated playground that is located adjacent to a downstream section of roadway. Our site investigation determined that the existing ‘Playground Ahead’ signs are mounted in accordance with the OTM.

Pavement Markings

The existing pavement markings on Cambrian Road and Kilbirnie Road were investigated to determine if modifications are required. The pavement markings in the section of Cambrian Road will be completed as part of the construction project previously identified. This includes stop bars at the intersection with Kilbirnie Road. The installation of the pavement markings is tentatively scheduled for early September. We also determined that the pavement markings on Kilbirnie Road should be reinstated. We have issued a work order for the existing centreline and edge lines to be reinstated.

Crime Prevention – How you can help

As we're all aware there has been an unfortunate spike in crime in our area over the past few weeks. Items have been stolen from houses and cars as well as graffiti and vandalism all over the community.

We have been in touch with both Jan Harder's office and our Community Police Officer Cst. Timothy Murray about these issues. Jan's office was able to have the graffiti removed immediately, and Constable Murray has requested extra patrols be assigned to our area.

There are ways that we as a community can help make the area more secure:

Turn on your outdoor lights

Leaving your outdoor lights on at night will give criminals and vandals fewer places to hide and commit the crime.

Keep an eye out and report suspicious activity

Keeping an eye out can be as simple as helping your neighbour out by checking on their house while they're on vacation, going for a walk, or peeking out your window.

While on a walk, say "hi" to everyone you meet. Chances are you'll be speaking to a neighbour, but if someone is in the neighbourhood planning to commit a crime, they will then know that someone has seen their face and acknowledged their presence. This technique is sometimes taught to employees in retail stores for loss prevention and can be quite effective. If nothing else we'll be quite a friendly community!

If you happen to see a crime in progress, do not get involved, but rather remain a witness, record details, and call 911 immediately. If you see something suspicious call the Ottawa Police "Other Emergencies" line at 613-230-6211.

Foot patrols

Constable Murray gave us the following information about Citizen Foot Patrols. "...residents are perfectly within their rights to actively walk through their community in an effort to deter crime. Should they observe a crime in progress, the Ottawa Police recommends that they do not get involved and instead remain a witness and call 911. Should they observe suspicious people, the Ottawa Police Service recommends that they call police immediately at 613-230-6211."

If you decide to form a foot patrol please keep these tips in mind:

  • Work in pairs, do not go alone
  • Bring a flashlight
  • Bring a cell phone
  • Bring a camera and/or notepad to record details such as a description of the individual or vehicle involved
  • Most importantly, DO NOT approach a criminal if you see a crime in progress. Remain a witness and call 911 immediately. Give the officers as much information as you can.

Safety and Prevention Tips

The Ottawa Police has a comprehensive list of safety and prevention tips on their website for Personal Safety and Home & Neighbourhood Safety. Visit their website now to read this important safety information.

They have also provided these helpful documents:

You can also find more excellent information in the Crime Prevention Ottawa Toolkit.

How the Ottawa Police are helping us

  • Electronic distribution of crime prevention tips to the HMBCA (see above).
  • A General Broadcast requesting extra late night patrols was submitted.
  • The thefts from vehicles in Half Moon Bay were highlighted in the West Division District Activity Report. This report is disseminated to all units in West Division.
  • The District Activity report will be updated to include acts of vandalism and Break & Enters.
  • Today, 26 July 2013, student employee’s of the Ottawa Police Service attended the community of Half Moon Bay and personally delivered approximately 330 crime prevention packages to individual residences.

If you have other concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at

Have a pool? New City of Ottawa rules are now in effect

The City of Ottawa’s new backyard pool safety rules are now in effect.

The new rules are contained in a By-law passed by Council earlier this year (Pool Enclosure By-law No. 2013-39).

Under the By-law, all pool owners must now ensure pool enclosure gates are self-closing, self-latching and locked at all times, except when the pool area is in use.

Existing pool enclosures installed with a permit remain compliant, but must be locked when the pool area is not in use. All new and replacement pool enclosures must comply with the new By-law.

The By-law has also updated fencing requirements for pools (including wading pools), hot tubs and fish ponds.

Requirements vary, so pool owners and prospective pool owners are encouraged to review the changes at

Throughout the spring and summer, the City and its partners will be informing the public about water safety and reminding residents to always keep children within arms’ reach around and in the water. The City of Ottawa will be inspecting pool enclosures in some neighbourhoods this summer to advise residents about the requirements of the new By-law.

For more information on water safety, visit

Content courtesy of City Councillor Jan Harder at

Security Alert: Theft from Half Moon Bay Park

Some disappointing news came out today from our city councillor Jan Harder about a theft that took place at our new, unopened, Half Moon Bay Park located at Greenbank and Cambrian.

According to a tweet from her, a very expensive mushroom children's ride-on toy, and some shrubs, were stolen from the park. She is pleading for these items to be returned to the Walter Baker Centre.

Details are still emerging, and will be reported here as we gather more information.

In the meantime, we are asking any resident who may have seen anything suspicious to report it to the Ottawa Police at 613-236-1222, ext. 7300.

Also, while out and about in the community tonight, please keep an eye out for these items as there is a possibility that they were "dumped" by the culprits.


Break and Enter Advisory

On behalf on the Half Moon Bay Neighbourhood Watch we are passing this information on to our members here.

There have been four reported break and enters in the Stonebridge area over the last four days. The incidents have occurred overnight, access has in most cases been gained through open/unlocked patio doors or open ground floor windows. Please we encourage you to report any suspicious activity in the neighbourhood to the police and to the Neighbourhood Watch through the Incident Reporting page on the HMB Neighbourhood Watch website.

Please tell your neighbours about this advisory as there are over 1200 homes in Half Moon Bay and only 10% are registered with Neighbourhood Watch. Encourage everyone to join so that advisories such as this will be sent to everyone not just a handful.