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Parks & Development

Post regarding parks and recreation programs available in the Half Moon Bay community area.

Half Moon Bay road construction update

As earlier posted, the job has been contracted out and The contractor, Taggart Construction, has been waiting for special deep construction custom pipe connections that are required for the job.

As there is no way to know exactly how long that would take they gave tentative dates last month.  It looks like they are ready to start construction during the week of September 24th.

Paving of the road will be completed this fall.

Tucana Park Update September 4, 2012

Hooray ! The construction started last week on Tucana Park. Hopefully, the weather will continue to be nice so construction can proceed quickly. We are looking for a completion date of end of October.

Half Moon Bay road construction update

Update from Mattamy Homes

In regards to the construction and opening of Half Moon Bay road I can provide the following update:
City approval was received on August 22, 2012.

  1. Mattamy has contract Taggart Construction.
  2. Taggart Constructions anticipated construction timing is:
  • Start week of September 10th or 17th. Due to the deep construction custom pipe connections are required. The ordering and manufacturing of these custom connections has dictated the construction start date.
  • Completion to base asphalt – 4-5 weeks from delivery of custom fittings.

At the onset of this project we had all hoped that the work would be completed during the summer, however the road will be completed and opened this Fall.

Please feel free to forward this e-mail to the Home Owners who have been asking for updates.

Thank you,

Ian G MacPherson, P. Eng.
Project Manager, Land Development

Tucana Park Update August 24, 2012

Many neighbours have been asking about the start date for the construction of the park.

I received this information from Louise Cerveny via Jan Harder's office.

The construction of Tucana Park will commence next week with heavy equipment moving onto the site mid-week. I informed the community in June that construction would begin in mid August. The tender closed 2 weeks ago. The contractor awarded the project is D&G Landscaping. They are required to obtain bonding and liability insurance for each project and this can sometimes delay the start up date. We estimate that the construction will be 90% complete by the end of October (weather permitting). I have included a copy of the final concept Drawing in addition to the Landscape and 60% submission Planting Plan drawing, identical to the tender drawing.

Louise Louise Cerveny Planner - Project Manager
Parks Suburban and Rural SW and Urban Area, City of Ottawa

Saftey update: Half Moon Bay Park Construction

The construction of Half Moon Bay Park is coming along nicely, and we are starting to see the exciting new play structures, and layout of what will be the centrepiece of our community.

The contractors working on the site have removed some of the safety fencing in order to tie the new landscaping in with the old, but it mostly has not been replaced.

Recently some concerned residents have noticed children from the community playing on the structures as well as others accessing the property. The city and contractors would like to remind Half Moon Bay residents that this is still an active construction site, which makes it dangerous for the public to use at this point. The play structures still need the safety surfacing installed, and final inspections completed in order to ensure they are safe to use.

Accessing the park property, whether fencing is installed or not, is considered trespassing until the park is officially opened by the city. If you happen to see any unauthorized people using the park it may be worth mentioning this to them and we can all help avoid potential injuries.


Do you have a community safety or security concern in HMB? Contact me at .