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Parks & Development

Post regarding parks and recreation programs available in the Half Moon Bay community area.

Skating rinks closed for the season

With the warm weather upon us (more or less, but hopefully more) the Half Moon Bay skating season has come to a close for another year. Luckily we were able to enjoy a longer season than past years.

We sincerely thank our rink contractors Sergio Carraro and Mike Trancoso for their hard work at the River Run Park and Freshwater Parkette rinks. While the Freshwater rink had a few setbacks at the start, those infrastructure issues have been solved by the city, and hopefully we will be able to get a full season in next year to complement the River Run rink.

Happy Spring!

Parks Update: Outdoor skating rink maintenance jobs available

Winter seems to have arrived. The children will soon want to be skating on our community rinks. The HMBCA has received notice from the City of Ottawa that we will be able to have financial support to pay someone who would like to maintain our rinks. We have already secured someone to maintain the large rink at the River Run Park. Two other areas are Freshwater Parkette and Half Moon Bay Park that can have puddle rinks built on them if we can find someone who is interested in flooding and clearing off the snow.

Tucana Park and Regatta parkettes will be able to have puddle rinks for 2013-2014 season. They need to have grass growing in the area of the puddle rink before the rinks are approved.

If you are interested in more information about these two jobs please email me at

Update: Extension of Half Moon Bay Road to Greenbank Road

An update from Jan Harder.

Here is a brief construction update on the extension of Half Moon Bay Road to Greenbank Road:

  1. The underground works have been completed.
  2. City staff expect the asphalt to be placed by the end of next week (Oct 26th), pending weather.
  3. The City is responsible for the asphalt line painting and traffic control signs.  The appropriate City Department is aware of this project and have estimated that this work can occur within 4 weeks after asphalt (by Nov 23rd).
  4. There are a few street lights that need to be installed.  The design has been approved by the City and it's expected the formal approval letter to allow the installation from the City next week.
  5. It's anticipated the street lights will be installed by November 23rd.
  6. Once the street lights are installed it typically takes Hydro Ottawa two-weeks to activate them.
  7. It is staff's opinion that the city does not open the road until the street lights have been activated and the traffic control signs and painting are in place for safety.
  8. Based on the above schedule it's anticipated the road will be complete to be opened by December 7th.
  9. The City's Street Light Department and Hydro Ottawa will be engaged to see if the Street Light activation can be advanced further.

Groundbreaking planned for third French-language Catholic elementary school in Barrhaven

An update from Jan Harder.

Congratulations to the Conseil des Écoles catholiques du Centre-Est for breaking ground on a new French-language Catholic elementary school in Barrhaven on Wednesday.

The official groundbreaking took place on the future site of the new school to be located at 2450 River Mist Road in Barrhaven.

The construction of a Catholic elementary school in Barrhaven will make it possible to better serve that area's growing population of students entitled to receive French-language Catholic education. The new school will have a capacity of 389 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6. A daycare will also be built offering 26 additional spaces for the children in the area. The opening of the new school is slated for September 2013.

Half Moon Bay Road @ Greenbank Road – update

The construction on Half Moon Bay Road to open it up to Greenbank Rd has commenced today.

In all likelihood the construction will be complete up to the base asphalt by mid November at which time it will be open to traffic.

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