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News and information posts that are either about Half Moon Bay or have an impact on residents of Half Moon Bay.

Snow Removal in Half Moon Bay

Though the warm weather has gotten rid of some of the snow, the city is still busy day and night clearing snowbanks from our streets. Due to the large amount of snow we received in a short period of time, there is no doubt that the snowbanks were starting to pile higher than your car!

snow-parkingYou may have noticed in recent days that the city has been placing "No Parking" signs around the community displaying specific times they will be removing snow the next day. While the majority of residents do obey these signs, unfortunately a few do not. This can cause delays in snow removal, and the city will bring in a Bylaw Officer to issue a ticket, and a tow truck to remove the vehicles that are in the way.

In the case of snow removal this morning, luckily the city Roads staff and a Bylaw officer were able to find the owners of the vehicles, and have them moved without towing.

The city's website provides the following explanation of their snow removal process: "When snow removal is planned, City staff develop a street-by-street schedule for the snow removal operation. City crews place temporary ‘No Parking’ signs along the roadside 12 hours prior to snow removal operation. Vehicles parked where temporary no-parking signs are posted will be ticketed and towed away. The residents are encouraged to park on nearby streets where no signs are posted."

Access to City services just got easier for Barrhaven residents

Residents now have access to a “one-stop-shop” for City services with the launch of a satellite Client Service Centre Counter at the Ruth E. Dickinson library branch.

“The City is committed to improving access to City services for all residents, while at the same time making them efficient and cost effective,” said Mayor Jim Watson.

Starting in November, the library branch will host the new service counter, located at a desk on the branch’s first floor, which will be staffed by City employees and will provide area residents with services such as:

  • OC Transpo bus tickets and passes
  • Parking ticket payment, consideration parking, (any kind of parking request)
  • Water and tax bill payment
  • Animal licenses
  • Solid waste bin coupons, calendars, yellow bags
  • Burn permits
  • Any City service request

The service counter will be open from Monday to Thursday 10am-noon& 1pm-4:30pm, Friday 1pm to 4:30pm.

“This will mean that Barrhaven residents no longer have to travel to Nepean or further south to pay a water bill or to get their bus pass,” said Councillor Jan Harder. “This pilot project provides easier access to many City services, situated in a place where residents already enjoy going – their community library.”

Also as part of the pilot project, the Cumberland library branch has been outfitted with a computer with dedicated access to ServiceOttawa online services and a phone line connected to the City’s 3-1-1 service.

Both of these pilots will run until March 2013 and will collect resident feedback to determine whether the projects will continue past the deadline.

Rideau Valley Health Services Complex Now Open

Information provided by Councillor Jan Harder

The new Urgent Care Centre located within the Rideau Valley Health Services (RVHS) complex at 1221 Greenbank Road (at Berrigan Drive) opened on Monday to address the urgent healthcare needs of residents of Barrhaven, Old Ottawa South, Manotick, Kanata and Stittsville.

An Urgent Care Centre is a facility that treats approximately 80% of the ailments normally treated in a hospital emergency room (ER), i.e., fractures, dislocations, sprains, cuts, infections and minor traumas.

Like a hospital ER, an Urgent Care Centre is staffed by registered nurses, emergency physicians and general practitioners. Unlike hospitals, urgent care facilities do not accept ambulances or admit patients and offer shorter wait times.

The Urgent Care Centre will be open Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 9:00pm, and Saturday from 8:00am to 3:00pm. Sunday opening hours will be announced at a later date.

Initially, one emergency physician and a registered nurse will be available during operating hours. Additional physicians will join the team over the coming months.When operating at full capacity, RVHS’ nine urgent care exam rooms will make it possible for as many as 200 patients to be seen daily.

The RVHS does have a website however it's still under construction

Garbage collection changes are coming!

Bi-weekly collection

Beginning the week of October 29, household garbage will be collected every two weeks. Maximize your recycling to minimize the amount of garbage you produce. You can place out an unlimited amount of recycling each collection day.

How often is garbage collected?

  • Garbage will be collected every two weeks starting October 29, 2012
  • The green bin is collected every week
  • Recyclables are picked up on alternating weeks (black box one week, blue box the next). Your blue box and garbage will be picked up the same week.
  • Leaf and yard waste is collected with your green bin.
  • Only non-recyclable items should be placed in the garbage. Recyclable items are collected separately. Not sure where an item belongs? Please check the Waste Explorer.

How many bags, items or cans can be put out?

When and where to put your garbage.

How to package your garbage.

Acceptable garbage containers.

Get the answers on the City of Ottawa website.  Get your collection calendar here.

Barrhaven Public School & John McCrae – busing from HMB

Due to some emails regarding the possible loss of bus service to Barrhaven Public School for the year 2013-14, I have contacted Donna Blackburn, our school board Trustee.

Donna Blackburn, OCDSB trustee, has assured us that the bus service to Barrhaven Public School, for children who are currently attending, will continue for as long as they are in attendance at Barrhaven Public School. The only thing that will change coming next fall is that there will be no alternate busing for daycare provisions to areas outside the Half Moon Bay area.


As for the issue regarding busing to John McCrae Secondary School, the busing service at this time is limited to Stonebridge residence only as this was started before Stonebridge was given city bus service.  HMB service to JMSS was never available as HMB was to send high school students to South Carleton Secondary School (in Richmond ON) until we were able to have a choice thanks to Donna Blackburn's help.  Why Stonebridge continues to have school bus service is because the OSTA has not discontinued this service and to my knowledge has no immediate plan to do so.

This is the link to busing policy Effective Date September 1, 2012

These are all the current available school bus routes that go to JMSS

If you have comments please send them to Letters to the Editor in the contact page.