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OC Transpo Morning Route Improvements Coming for Half Moon Bay

OCTranspo_red_smallCity Councillor Jan Harder and OC Transpo have announced improvements for Half Moon Bay residents for the morning commute.

Starting with the fall schedule change in September, all Route 177 buses from Half Moon Bay running Northbound will become a Route 95 at Barrhaven Centre. This means that riders who currently need to transfer to a 95 to get downtown will be able to stay on the same bus.

The fall schedule is currently being developed by OC Transpo and will reflect these changes.

While the afternoon rush will still require riders to transfer from a 95 to a 177, the HMBCA will continue to lobby for improved service for that period as well.

City of Ottawa Snow Removal Plan

Ever wonder when your street will be plowed after a winter snow storm? The City of Ottawa has provided this great infographic demonstrating their plan.

Note that most residential side streets are not plowed until 10-16 hours after the beginning of snow accumulation. While the overnight parking ban is in effect from 1am-7am, this sometimes means that the majority of our streets are not plowed within the parking ban hours.

Please be courteous to your neighbours and try to keep your vehicles off the streets until plowing has been completed.

City of Ottawa's Snow Removal Plan


Municipal Elections are today – Get out and vote!

This is your chance to have a say in the future of our School Boards, Barrhaven, and the City of Ottawa.

Voting takes place 10am to 8pm today.

Where do I vote?

If you're unsure of where to vote, enter your address on the City's Voting Location Search tool.

My information is missing, incorrect, or I didn't receive a voting card

You can still vote! Show up to the voting location for your address and bring I.D. with you. More information can be found on the City of Ottawa's voting website.

Hear what the candidates have to say

The Half Moon Bay Community Association invited candidates to submit a message to you. Read the messages from the candidates who replied below (in the order received):

Andrea Steenbakkers (OCSB Zone 4 Trustee) has submitted a message that she has stepped down from the campaign for personal reasons. She encourages all voters to visit the websites of the other candidates Greg Deernsted and Spencer Warren.

Meet the Candidates: Jan Harder – Ward 3 City Councillor

Dear Neighbours,
In 2006 when we were planning your community I knew it would be special. In fact we passed the Barrhaven South Community Design Plan with all the components. Here are a few items we've worked on over the years:

  • New Minto Recreation Complex opening November 29 – it’s amazing!
  • Beautiful Half Moon Bay Park
  • Finally Regatta paving
  • River Run exit to Greenbank
  • Crossing guard for St Cecilia School
  • Advanced Jockvale widening with 2 bridges and roundabout plus Jockvale east in phase 1
  • Greenbank realignment phase 1
  • More retail
  • Zoned Business park for 7,000 high end jobs/more people will love to live in Barrhaven
  • Connecting pathways and cycling lanes
  • No expansion to Trail Road landfill
  • Working on Barnsdale interchange

I work hard for you everyday, I’d be honoured to have your support on Oct 27 to continue building a great Half Moon Bay and Barrhaven!

Let's chat:

Meet the Candidates: Syed Asghar Hussain – Ward 3 City Councillor

My name is Syed Asghar Hussain and I am running for City Councillor for Ward 3 – Barrhaven. My main objective for this campaign is to bring the concerns of the community to the attention of the city for action. Some of the issues that are currently facing the ward are: the railway crossing, traffic build-up on Fallowfield Road and Greenbank Road and the issue of bi-weekly garbage collection. The building of an overpass at the railway crossings will benefit the community by preventing future accidents and bringing peace of mind to the residents of Barrhaven. The extension of the two above mentioned roads will assist in a smooth commute during rush hour. Through my campaign I would also like to address the issue of high property taxes and propose the incineration of waste into energy which in turn will be provided back to the city grid to safeguard the environment.

Thank you,
Syed Asghar Hussain
For Councillor
Ward 3 - Barrhaven