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Unkempt Yards

Hello Carol,

I may be asking the wrong person but what can be done about home owners who don’t take care of their properties.

There seems to be far more unkempt yards in HMB than in other areas of Barrhaven. Is there something Jan can do with her eBlast or is there some bylaws which can be waved at these people. If the city bylaw people took a quick drive-by they would see how bad it’s getting and perhaps leave notes in their doorway. A lot of yards are nothing but overgrown weeds or grass that looks like fields.

We need some pride in our community but some people have none ruining it for those of us who do.

Please help,

PS I have copied the HMB association in case they can do something as well.

Reply from the Editor

John, (cc Carol)

I appreciate your concern regarding lawn care in HMB. Our board of directors was discussing this issue at our last meeting (Wednesday night) and have come to the conclusion that it is not the mandate of the community association to tell people how to care for their property, however, it is our mandate to help educate regarding lawn care etc.

We have posted on the website tips for lawn care etc. in hopes people would get the hint with a gentle nudge. http://hmbca.ca/2012/lawn-care-tips/

It is felt that some people may not have a clue as to how to care for their property and education may be the route to take. Promoting Pride of Ownership and Community is perhaps the best approach to take for now at least.

If you still have issues with your neighbour's property you may file a complaint online with the City of Ottawa and they will take care of the issues.

See http://serviceottawa.ca/en/bylaw/propertymaintenance/index.htm?filter=soReport

If Jan has other suggestions we would love to hear them as well.

I hope this helps.