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Greenbank Road Closure Update

Dear Mattamy Homeowner,

As per the notification sent at the beginning of May, we would like notify you of upcoming road openings along Greenbank Road, south of Cambrian Road.

Greenbank Road - south of Cambrian Road to Dundonald Drive will be opening on November 7, 2011. Further, Greenbank Road South of Dundonald Drive to Barnsdale Road will be opening on November 18, 2011. Please scroll to the bottom of this email detailing the areas in question - blue is opening November 7th and red is opening on November 18th.

We would like to thank you for your continued patience, while this work was being completed.
Mattamy Homes

Kappa Sigma Fraternity Returns for Halloween

Last year the Fraternity members of Kappa Sigma (of Carleton University) came to Half Moon Bay to provide some added safety and security for our children while out Trick or Treating.  It was a peaceful evening and we were grateful to have them.

Our community has grown, but so has the Kappa Sigma and they'll be bringing more help than last year.

The Kappa Sigma Fraternity will be returning this Halloween to do the same again for our children.  They will patrol our streets in pairs or small numbers, most of them will likely sport the Kappa Sigma hoodie/sweatshirt shown here.

Please be appreciative towards them for their help and support to our community.

Cambrian Road Improvements

I received an email today from Mattamy as many of you may have also. I'm posting it just in case others did not get this email. Good news for all of us.

Dear Mattamy Homeowner,

We are happy to advise that the section of Cambrian Road, from Cedar View Road to the west of Seeley's Bay Street, will be re-surfaced next week. This road sees its fair share of traffic as it is a main artery in and our of the Half Moon Bay community - full urbanization of this road is not anticipated for many years. To that end, we have made the City of Ottawa aware of our intentions to have this part of Cambrian Road resurfaced for the benefit of the overall community.

This work is scheduled to begin the first week of November 2011 and will likely take 3 days to complete. Once the work is completed, Cambrian Road will be dressed with a fresh new layer of asphalt from Seeley's Bay Street to Cedar View Road. As with most other road work, the crews will be out early in the morning and will work diligently to minimize inconveniences, however, disruptions in traffic flow should be expected. In an effort to keep traffic flowing, the paving crews will complete one lane at a time. Cambrian Road will remain open from Greenbank Road to Cedar View Road during this road work.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as continue working to enhance the Half Moon Bay community.

Thank you,

Mattamy Homes

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