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Overnight parking restriction in effect

Environment Canada has forecast snow accumulation of 7 cm or more for the Ottawa area. As a result, overnight parking restrictions are now in effect from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. across Ottawa. This overnight parking restriction will remain in effect until the City announces it has been lifted.

During an overnight parking restriction, vehicles are banned from parking on any city street so that crews can clear them easily and effectively. Vehicles that remain parked on the street during an overnight parking restriction will be ticketed. On-street parking permit holders are exempt from this restriction.

The City of Ottawa's priority for snow clearing is to ensure that streets are clear and safe for motorists, public transit, pedestrians and cyclists.

For more winter parking information, please visit Winter Parking or call 3-1-1 (TTY: 613-580-2401).

New Fire Station 47 Opens Today.

I was in attendance at today's Opening Ceremonies for Station 47 on Greenbank Rd and Cambrian Rd.

Here are a few pictures I managed to get during the Grand Opening for anyone interested in taking a look inside.

Your home, Your Community… Keep it Safe!

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If we can have 50% of our community registered and participating, we will get Neighbourhood Watch signage like other Neighbourhood Watch communities. This is important to remind us as members to keep vigilant and also as a deterrent to would be criminals entering our neighbourhood.

Our crime rate in HMB is low now because we are a new community, but as we mature that will increase unless we are watchful.

Tell your neighbour about HMB Watch today!

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Membership Goal

Goal: 600 Homes
Current: 111 Homes


Barrhaven Fire Station No. 47

"Protecting Our Nation's Capital with Pride"


The Grand Opening of this new facility will be this coming Tuesday January 10th. Our new Fire Station will open it's bay doors to protect our community.

The project began in 2008 initiating a density and response study which concluded additional fire services were required allocating $5.7M for the construction of a 3 Bay Urban Fire Station. CSV Architects, in consultation with City staff have prepared a reduced spatial program for 2011.

The building will incorporate a wide range of sustainable design features, which will reduce energy consumption, use of natural resources, impact on the environment, as well as improve the occupant’s health and comfort. The building design is targeted for LEED® Silver certification in accordance with City of Ottawa policies. Some of the sustainable design features include:

  • Reduced energy consumption – Target 40 percent cost savings
  • Water saving in landscape design with water infiltration and storage
  • Advanced storm water management to control run-off via bio swales and landscaping
  • High energy efficient windows and doors along with passive solar design
  • Radiant in-floor heating and an increased attention to air quality through-out
  • Enhanced commissioning procedures to maximize effectiveness of all systems.
  • Robust building envelope and durable building material selection and detailing
  • Use of natural, renewable, recycled and regionally produced materials within
  • Reduced use of toxic construction materials and low VOC surface materials and finishes
  • Reduced heat impact from the roof and landscaped area via steel roof and plantings
  • Occupant control of temperature, natural ventilation, and lighting / glazing for comfort
  • Elimination of CFC refrigerants via a higher engineering goal and program
  • Convey and emphasize the ecology and environmental theme for visitors of all ages

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