Dear Neighbours,
In 2006 when we were planning your community I knew it would be special. In fact we passed the Barrhaven South Community Design Plan with all the components. Here are a few items we've worked on over the years:

  • New Minto Recreation Complex opening November 29 – it’s amazing!
  • Beautiful Half Moon Bay Park
  • Finally Regatta paving
  • River Run exit to Greenbank
  • Crossing guard for St Cecilia School
  • Advanced Jockvale widening with 2 bridges and roundabout plus Jockvale east in phase 1
  • Greenbank realignment phase 1
  • More retail
  • Zoned Business park for 7,000 high end jobs/more people will love to live in Barrhaven
  • Connecting pathways and cycling lanes
  • No expansion to Trail Road landfill
  • Working on Barnsdale interchange

I work hard for you everyday, I’d be honoured to have your support on Oct 27 to continue building a great Half Moon Bay and Barrhaven!

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