Falling Star
Falling Star

As reported by HMBCA in April 2012, artist Don Maynard's sculpture Falling Star was selected to be installed atop our toboggan hill at Half Moon Bay Park.

Hard to miss, this 15 foot high cast aluminum star has already made a delightful impact on our community, and adds to the beauty of our central park.

This installation is part of the city's Public Art Program. The Public Art Program commissions artists’ works for display in public spaces. One percent of funds for municipal development projects are set aside for public art to enhance the space and make art accessible to everyone.

The City’s Public Art Program initiated a two-stage public art competition for Half Moon Bay Park. The selection criteria for this work of public art included such considerations as artistic excellence, experience of the artist, site integration, reflection of the profile and character of the community, and sustainability.

About Falling Star

An omen of good luck and harbinger of change and new beginnings, Falling Star will be a beacon of magical possibilities and imagination in a new and rapidly growing neighbourhood. Balanced on one of its five points, the 15-foot high cast aluminum star will be anchored in the ground, bridging the immense gap between the galaxy above and our place on earth. Maynard will transform the surface of the aluminum, covering it in organic, hand-carved markings, crevasses, protrusions and deep gouges alluding to the stars’ long and awe-inspiring journey. A bold and elegant response to the celestial theme dominantly featured in the park’s design. Falling Star will shimmer during the night from the hundreds of holes drilled into the star, the emanating light-making reference to the celestial bodies and constellations above.

Make sure to head out to the park and check in out up-close!