On Friday, June 7, the City of Ottawa will open a new bridge on Jockvale Road, the first of two bridges set to replace the existing two-way bridge that crosses the Jock River, just north of the Stonebridge community. Traffic on Jockvale Road will be diverted to the new bridge which will be temporarily open to two-way traffic until second bridge is completed this fall.

The bridge construction is part of a larger project which includes the widening of Jockvale Road to a four-lane urban divided roadway from Paul Metivier Drive to Cambrian Road and the installation of a new multi-lane roundabout at the Cambrian/Jockvale/Golflinks intersection. The City has also begun reconstruction of Cambrian Road from Jockvale to Greenbank Road, which includes improved street lighting and signage, and the installation of new storm sewers, curbs and sidewalks.

The Jockvale Bridge Project is a $23.9 million project and part of Ottawa on the Move, which advanced $340 million of capital projects to be completed from 2012 to 2014. Ottawa on the Move is about keeping our community and economy moving forward through strategic investments in a number of transportation, water and sewer projects to build a better city and create jobs.

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