The City's Zoning By-law is designed to set rules for development that maintain a safe, pleasant and functional built environment for Ottawa's citizens. One of the ways it does this is to restrict where parking spaces can be located on a residential lot, and how much of a property’s front yard may be paved for driveways and parking. It is intended to prevent excessive paving and loss of green space.

Recently, we've heard that the existing rules make it difficult for some suburban homeowners to widen their driveways. This is an option some property owners would like to have as a way to enjoy the convenience of side-by-side parking.

To address the situation, City planning staff are working on a zoning amendment that will make it easier to build a wider driveway in existing communities outside the Greenbelt.

Of course, widening the driveway means less greenspace, and more greenspace means less room to park. We want to make sure we balance these needs appropriately. And to do that, we need your help!

Starting in early June, you'll have an opportunity to complete a short survey on the City of Ottawa's website. The survey will let you take a look at what the current rules allow, and what might be the result if we changed them in certain ways.

Please take this opportunity to tell us what you think about this issue and the impact on your community.

The survey can be accessed at starting on June 1, and will remain online through August 16.

*This content is courtesy of Jan Harder