When: Saturday, March 30th at 10:00am to about 11:00am
Where: Half Moon Bay Park and soccer field
What: Kids under 4 can hunt around the playground, and older kids can hunt around the soccer field

Psst! Guess what? You’ll never believe this but we’ve actually been in contact with the Easter Bunny! Seriously. At least we’re pretty sure it was the Easter Bunny because the guy was furry, really tall, had HUGE ears and couldn’t stand still. So here’s the deal. We convinced Mr. E. Bunny to come down the morning of Saturday, March 30th and hide eggs all through Half Moon Bay Park and soccer field (yes the new one along Cambrian Road). At first we thought it would be fun for us (the Directors) to go find all the eggs and eat as much chocolate as we could but then we realized that an even better idea would be to invite all of the kids in the community to come to the park to find the eggs instead, so that’s what we’re doing. On Saturday, March 30th at 10:00am you’re invited to bring your kids down to the park and join in on the HMBCA Egg Hunt. Make sure to bring a basket because the kids will need to bring their plastic eggs up to the HMBCA tent to exchange them for regular or peanut-free chocolate. See you there!