Barrhaven Food Cupboard LogoOn behalf of all our volunteers and the families that call on us for food assistance, I thank you, the Half Moon Bay Community Association and all the participants in your second annual food drive for the Barrhaven Food Cupboard for your donations today.

Your contributions are particularly welcome at this time of year because summers are usually the "dry period" for donations and the proceeds from your food drive will help to replenish our depleted food supplies. As Barrhaven continues to grow, the increase in the number of families requesting food assistance is increasing at an even faster rate. In 2012, for example, an average 89 families requested helped each month. So far, in the first nine or so months of 2013, the monthly average has increased by 29-30% to about 115 families.

It is only with the support of good neighbours such as yourselves that we can continue to help those needing help in our community. Would you please pass our thanks along to all those involved in your food drive? Thank you!

Ken Lee
Coordinator, Community Food Drives & Dispatcher
Barrhaven Food Cupboard