The construction of Half Moon Bay Park is coming along nicely, and we are starting to see the exciting new play structures, and layout of what will be the centrepiece of our community.

The contractors working on the site have removed some of the safety fencing in order to tie the new landscaping in with the old, but it mostly has not been replaced.

Recently some concerned residents have noticed children from the community playing on the structures as well as others accessing the property. The city and contractors would like to remind Half Moon Bay residents that this is still an active construction site, which makes it dangerous for the public to use at this point. The play structures still need the safety surfacing installed, and final inspections completed in order to ensure they are safe to use.

Accessing the park property, whether fencing is installed or not, is considered trespassing until the park is officially opened by the city. If you happen to see any unauthorized people using the park it may be worth mentioning this to them and we can all help avoid potential injuries.


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