Due to some emails regarding the possible loss of bus service to Barrhaven Public School for the year 2013-14, I have contacted Donna Blackburn, our school board Trustee.

Donna Blackburn, OCDSB trustee, has assured us that the bus service to Barrhaven Public School, for children who are currently attending, will continue for as long as they are in attendance at Barrhaven Public School. The only thing that will change coming next fall is that there will be no alternate busing for daycare provisions to areas outside the Half Moon Bay area.


As for the issue regarding busing to John McCrae Secondary School, the busing service at this time is limited to Stonebridge residence only as this was started before Stonebridge was given city bus service.  HMB service to JMSS was never available as HMB was to send high school students to South Carleton Secondary School (in Richmond ON) until we were able to have a choice thanks to Donna Blackburn's help.  Why Stonebridge continues to have school bus service is because the OSTA has not discontinued this service and to my knowledge has no immediate plan to do so.

This is the link to busing policy http://www.ottawaschoolbus.ca/media.php?mid=755 Effective Date September 1, 2012

These are all the current available school bus routes that go to JMSS http://www.ottawaschoolbus.ca/media.php?mid=208

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