The Half Moon Bay Community Association needs you.

The Half Moon Bay Community Association is being rebuilt and renewed.  We have new members on our Board of Directors and we're working hard to make this happen.  For a list of who is now involved please visit our Departments page.

We are asking for members to help out our directors by volunteering to be on an Ad Hoc Committee.  This will be to help with events, parks and environment and promotions.

When help is needed a Bulletin will be sent out to the Ad Hoc Committee. You’ll receive it in your email inbox. It will tell you what is needed and ask for your help. If you can help you will be asked to contact the person that is heading up the project as soon as possible.

If you have free time to donate to your community from time to time we urge you to contact us.  Our first event is being planned at this moment.

The Half Moon Bay Community Association Board of Directors