Dear Mattamy Homeowner,

We are happy to advise that the section of Cambrian Road, from Greenbank Road to the east of Seeley's Bay Street, and River Mist Road, south of Cambrian Road will be receiving its final lift of top asphalt next week.  In preparation to this occurring next week, there will be road crews adjusting the height of the manhole covers. These areas will be marked, but it is best to take caution when traveling on Cambrian until the paving has been completed.

This work is scheduled to begin the first week of November 2011 and will likely take 3 days to complete. Once the work is completed, Cambrian Road and River Mist Road will be dressed with a fresh new layer of asphalt. As with most other road work, the crews will be out early in the morning and will work diligently to minimize inconveniences, however, disruptions in traffic flow should be expected. In an effort to keep traffic flowing, the paving crews will complete one lane at a time. Cambrian Road and River Mist Road will remain open from Greenbank Road to Cedar View Road during this road work.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as continue working to enhance the Half Moon Bay community.

Thank you,

Mattamy Homes